Scenes from a microbial world

Engineering biology sits at the heart of the next technological revolution: genetics, molecular biology, synthetic biology, We have been manipulating nature for hundreds of years, will it be different? What would the everyday ‘microbial’ world look like? and who is imagining it?  DIY bio-hackers are already attempting to democratise the technology and the debate around its use – can the design imagination also participate? bring it into the everyday and add to the discussion? 
This semester we look at the influence of the design imagination in film. Minority Report has had an substantial impact on the future of gestural digital interfaces and digital products. When we enter these fictional worlds of future concepts, smart homes, future cities, concept cars, what do we bring back that tells us about how these technologies might change our lives in positive and negative ways?
This semester we will move from science lab, to science fiction, to everyday culture. 
We will work with 3D design models of both visible and invisible parts and learn about post production and filmic techniques working with Post production experts.
PART ONE: Everyday scenes from a Microbial world. – Living Components & DIY bio
PART TWO: Telling Worlds Rather Than Stories 
PART THREE: Everyday Scenes from a Microbial World: The Movie.