Things That Move:
Powered by Angewandte Algae
The Angewandte decides to become an Algae producer and installs a mini production facility in the courtyard. (Angewandte Algae) — the university culture subtly changes with its new identity and a number of unusual devices and machines appear in the coffee shop, in the computer room, in the workshops, in the rectory – The fashion department completely embraces the new aesthetic, while the graphic department innovates with the communication strategy. The landscape department re-emerges, collaborating with biologists to investigate cellulose/plant design and a new bio-aesthetic evolves. 
Since the university is now the producer, how they ‘invest’ or ‘spend’ their energy brings very new things into the world that perhaps would never have been invested in before. — its no-longer about efficiency, getting from A to B, but reinforcing particular cultural & social values and ideologies — id2 work on a number of prototype ‘vehicles’, ‘Things That Move’, with the aim to set radicle precedents to what we think a ‘vehicle’ could be.
10 years ago hydrogen was seen as the future for energy as a direct replacement of petrol. Advances in bio-engineering and the design of natural systems, along with the drive for sustainable cultures,  demanded a move beyond current restricted thinking to an exploration of wide ranging alternatives. Not exclusively material and environmental, but equally shifts in social, political and economic behaviour.
This semester we will collectively design and model a number of vehicles each one will explore a different value. Each one will develop a strong individual design language, challenging the  prevailing thinking.