The project is a case study in the ‘2051:Smart Life in the City’ exhibition at the Vienna Biennial held at the MAK in June 2015.



Imagination and the Real World: Testing possible futures using parallel realities. 

 2051 and the pharmacy is no longer as we know it. Fiction is used to sketch out an alternative world, revealing a different set of values. 

 A disused pharmacy in central Vienna becomes an experimental lab for social dreaming.  Designing at 1;1 scale, demonstrators imagine new behaviours, new rituals, new tools, new attitudes. creating a place for a collective imagination to flourish, enabling health professionals, pharmacists and citizens to contemplate a set of alternative possibilities for our future health.  


Inspired by artist Joseph Popper’s ‘Zero gravity on zero budget’ hacking Hollywood approach to science and technology futures, id2 will use the tools of Science Fiction film to make Social Fiction micro-films on zero budget. 

 We will build 3-4 modest film-sets, exploring the role of the Pharmacy in 2015 and asking questions about the future of health for the up and coming participatory social media generation. Design proposals are props that suggest new behaviours, new rituals, new tools and new attitudes.

 The set acts as storytelling tool .  We plan to interview different experts (local pharmacists. microbiologists, health experts, etc) for short films using the sets and tools to tell stories from their different points of view. These could be both positive stories as well as cautionary tales.