Reality Box

Reality Box (pre-diploma)
5000 digital enhanced images a week produce a distorted psychological landscape which, over
time, incrementally, becomes our normal everyday reality and remains unchallenged.
We are permanent surrounded with unrealistic and fictive images, of today´s media and advertisement
industry. Which reinforces an ideal of beauty, health, gender roles and standards that are difficult or nearly
impossible to attain.
It is an artificial recreation of humanity, which young people desperately try to compete with. Feelings of
imperfection and deficiency register in the brain.
Extreme retouching of images ultimately represents industrial ideals, influencing young impressionable
A set of educational tools aimed at younger citizens attempt to redress the balance with an alternative set of
values. The consequences these images have on our daily life can be seen clearly, reducing the pressures
to believe the false ideals and the distorted perception of themselves.