Nettsch - "a staircase game“ (Diploma)
People have to play more and play more physically.
The staircase is the ideal place to motivate people to do this.
The game is inspired by the classic hide and seek game. But instead of hiding people in the staircase,
different teams have to hide three game figures.
The characters have several technical features which tell the players how to hide them. If a player of another
team finds a figure, they have to adopt the figure by changing its team colour, It then will score for their team.

The interaction is different for each character.
A staircase game played over many months becomes a social communication tool to
connect neighbours together, creating an indirect interaction between the residents, brining additional value
to the staircase as a space of living together.

The game is designed to be open enough for residents to respond creatively and add their own collective
content that generates and evolves over long periods of time.