TEAM 3 - Exvivo
Recent breakthroughs in stem-cell research show that any single cell-sample
would be enough to allow the replication of all organs of an individual.
In the Smart City of 2051, cells and tissues of each person is placed in a
synthetic system to simulate the chemical effects that might occur on their own
future body using a simulated second body; a Copybody.
Problems are discovered much earlier, individualised long-term studies are
possible. numerous iterations of a particular drugs can be tested to ascertain
the correct drug ratio, reducing medication — less medicine, means less side

The pharmacy is transformed into a database of people. Data of various
environmental factors is collected globally, stored and analysed. Pharmacies are
connected in a coherent network of health knowledge.
Complex technological machines such as these became miniaturised leaving the
expert domains of hospitals and entering into social places such as pharmacies.
New tools and rituals were developed to allow these devices with their
specialised expertise to become part of shared public life.