Human life in 2051 is intricately woven into botanic systems. People naturally
identify themselves as part of a complex biological ecosystem, where every
particle has a function in an evolutionary process. Natural organisms together
with human beings develop a highly efficient symbiotic lifestyle sustaining
health. Processes are more transparent and direct. 

Humans realised that they could no longer see themselves as isolated
individuals. They acknowledged their interdependence with all living creatures
on the planet.Plants and plantlike organisms are now recognised as intelligent life forms,
with their knowledge revealed. New rituals exposed hidden networks between
numerous different species.

It is now acknowledged that the human body consists of many microorganisms. I n
an endosymbiotic process humans become the hosts for different highly adapted
organisms such as algaes that are encouraged to live in and on them. People in
turn produce oxygen and energy through photosynthesis, forecast rapid weather
changes and even communicate with plants via smell-vocabulary.
Humans are more aware of what they can give to plants.
Through living in a symbiosis, people have obtained capabilities they just could
have dreamed of some years ago. Their senses have been extended.