48ers Treasure Chest


For a Throw-Away-Society aspiring to incorporate sustainable processes ‘re-use’ becomes important. The ‘48ers’ in Vienna already use a ‘Bazar’ (fleamarket) successfully, however the concept of re-use could be more integrated into peoples’ everyday-life infrastructures.
We propose to add a new kind of Treasure Chest to the 48ers suite of equipment. Everybody owns objects that have become useless. Although not broken, they are too good to throw away. Selling them is too much effort and will there be a buyer out there? And making a special journey to the Dump for these small few bits just never happens.
Put them in The Treasure Chest!
We propose placing them near „Recycling Container islands“ found every few blocks in Vienna, situated within peoples daily walkways. They give potential waste a second chance. The containers content is free to take, a quick login with an 48er App via NFC unlocks it,. If untouched over a number of days the items get redistributed in another district.