Big data in retail


Our desire to predict trends is growing stronger. We like to define our own environment in numbers in order to discover and understand relations. It brings order into our complex and chaotic world. Numbers help us gain control and safety over our lives so that our existence becomes clear and understandable.
On one hand, customers are now aware, that by using loyalty cards they provide much valuable information to the corporations.  Such as – how often and where they go shopping, what do they prefer, and whether the one or the other retail chain can meet their needs. On the other hand customers get very little or no privileges for it.
However, increasing offers of new products make it more difficult for the customer to decide for one product. Even the purchase of the basic products becomes very difficult.
My project offers a solution on how this phenomenon could be mitigated. The retail chain returns the valuable information back to the customer in form of a system, which will make shopping much easier for the customer.
As a matter of fact, the “Big Data” of customers is nothing else but reflection of their own behaviour. By visualising these, customers will be able to see and understand the other side of “Big Data”. This brings a lot of benefits.
Providing their personal information would result in self-determining, time-saving shopping that won´t be exposed to stress, marketing strategies and seductions.
The concept “MyShelf” is the first step to create a business with this vision.