Most types of mobility facilities or vehicles in an everyday context have the same purpose: transporting people or things from A to B. They are target-oriented. Why do we move? Where do we move? For what purpose?  Movement itself could be the purpose without a specific target, the journey being the goal itself.
Mobility as freedom to be in different places and explore new surrounding.
The students’ mobility is monitored via their mobile phones. After a while the software suggests a trip to refresh mental resources and to stimulate creativity.
The vehicle drives autonomously on a route which is calculated from the passengers’ GPS data ensuring locations rarely visited by the passenger are included. The body of the vehicle is raised above street level to be independent from traffic speed and to provide an unobstructed view. Various lingering spots within the interior providing different perspectives to perceive a changing surrounding.
The vehicle suggests a new layer and purpose of mobility in a city exploiting unused spatial resources and redefining new social values.