Winter 2011 Brief

Numbers sit at the heart of most decision-making processes. To quantify is to verify… or so we are told? 
We will take an experimental and iterative approach, exploring a diversity of prototyping techniques —  prototypes to tell complex stories; prototypes to find something out; prototypes to convince; prototypes to help people imagine the unimaginable. Research, thinking and making will happen concurrently. Collectively, the discussion will focus on appropriate prototyping while exploring different aesthetic expressions. Invention, intrigue, engagement will be our guides. 
At the end of this semester the final review will not be based on one final finished piece of work, but 3 separate prototype studies. They can be 3 iterations of one idea or 3 different studies exploring different ideas. They will of course be more edited and diagrammatic than a final piece of work, but they should be designed and considered aesthetically. Exploring the aesthetics of the prototype will be a consistent discussion.
1. PROTOTYPE N0.1 Raw data (from personal experience) – an ethnographic study.
2. PROTOTYPE N0.2 For public consumption – who uses it and why?.. how does it change?
3. PROTOTYPE N0.3 Future insights – What are its implications… how does it change?
All 3 prototypes will be presented together at the final presentation.