Every day we are affected by noise. Some of it disturbing, some reassuring. It influences behaviour and impacts on everyday life. HABITAT addresses the acoustics of the everyday, creating new habitats in an urban environment.
The machine itself is neutral, absorbing and utilising acoustic stimuli. It translates sounds from an urban environment into a knitted birdhouse, which in turn attracts natural sounds back into the city — since birds are encouraged to return. Its a dialog between artificial and natural habitats.
The knitting mechanism is inspired by the intricate craft of birds. The object is the result of unhealthy conditions, loud noise disrupts the algorithm causing the machine to knit a very close pattern creating an interference like a healed scar. These scars are stronger than the regular knitting pattern, thicker, protecting the fragile inhabitants of the nest.
The possibility of building natural habitats for rare urban bird species allows the user to reintroduce a piece of nature back to the environment.