A machine that measures the acoustics of certain word patterns (imperatives, modals and negative/super-positive adjectives) and puts these into a relation to the frequencies and tones of a person’s pitch/voice, and to frequencies/tones of external sound-sources for example melodies being played in the background of a shop, that intrude on the subconscious mind. This is then compared to bio-signals such as heart rate, breath rate, sweat on skin and body temperature.

 The machine uses a microphone that collects words and frequencies in the range of 20-20.000 Hz, another microphone that collects frequencies below 20 Hz, and another microphone that collects frequencies above 20.000 Hz. Other units measure the bio-signals. There is a storage unit, a connection unit via a computer and two small processors to translate the collected data into visually tangible pictures and into graphs and words. The machine collects 24h a day, even during the night it is possible to be disturbed by frequencies we are not aware of resulting in a higher heart rate and nervousness forming a facilitated mind intrusion.

 The machine makes you aware of your exposure to certain stimuli patterns – such as “Hey man, let’s go (imperative), we must (modal) eat something, you look weak (negative adjective related to you)!” including ultrasound waves. The machine ultimately helps us know if our decisions or thoughts reflect our ‘real-self’.