Lambdoma & The Golden Mean


In this project I was interested in the connections between musical intervals, the Golden Mean and Design. I did numerous studies experimenting with proportioning systems. Golden ellipses and logarithmic spirals are used to control the accelerated curves within the design.
All parts of the Exocron electric bike are dimensioned according to the Golden Mean rule – the measurements are mathematically derived from the bicycle’s length. I used Grasshopper and RhinoMath, and geometrically constructed Le Corbusier’s two Modular progressions in Rhinoceros 3D. After laying out the groundwork I refined the initial sketches according to these ­­­calculations and constructions.
I set out to search for the role of proportion and measure in the perception of beauty and energy. At the end of the project I felt like I was just at the beginning of a very long quest…
I believe in a set of laws of harmony that lie beyond subjective taste and fashion, that influence people on many levels.  To understand this is not easy or trivial, but I think the effort is worth it.