Ascend Tech.


How secure are the networks we use to communicate today? If we could put a new system in place, how would it work?
As commercial spaceflight evolves, satellites that are no bigger than your palm and electronic DIY movements are all around the world. In a foreseeable future we could own and operate our own satellites circulating the earth just like smartphones today.
Imagine a network completely decentralised, without compromise, owned by the participants, that cannot be censored or shut down. Radical thinking is needed to break out of the commercialized, profit oriented and heavily censored telecom systems, that are often very insecure networks, of today.
What could a device communicating with your own satellite look like?
As the satellite circulates earth once per hour it can receive and transmit data, you can decide if it is the only device your data flows through, or if it is in a mesh network with trusted connections. Satellites up in space are physically inaccessible and “encrypted geographically distributed direct transmissions” are almost impossible to intercept.