Smart Bins


The project aims to improve public perception of the street sweeper, providing a specialised vehicle thats creates a very tangible and social interface between citizens and a public service which is usually taken for granted. 
We think this fun way of getting around during the workday would not only make the job more enjoyable but would increase the respect a street sweeper receives from the public, owing to the psychological effect produced by the introduction of a ‘prestige’ vehicle.
Vehicles are desirable status-symbols, commonly inducing envy or respect in people that either don’t own or don’t ride a particular model. Vehicles increases the range of individual mobility –  which is seen by most as one of the key-pillars of personal freedom. 
The bin-scooter-hybrid is targeted for the Viennese “Kehrforce” (eng. Swipeforce) and therefore called “Kehrforce One”.