10,000 hour rule
(Anders Ericsson 1992, Malcolm Gladwel 2004) 
Solar Sinter
The idea of a tree – recorder 1
Rotational moulded shoe. Marloes ter Bhömer
Device for experiencing lightening strike
The other volcano
The soyuz chair
Menstruation machine – sputniko
Natural Deselection – Tim Simpson 
(should be in machines that measure and count… )
The centre for genomicgastronomy and mutagenic meals
Fancy Cat Club
Tuur Van Balen – Pigeons & Synthetic immune system.
Cruiser Charisma
The five obstructions – Lars van Trier and Jorgen Leth
Interview with Jan Bolen – Director of Z33,_without_borders/1/
Organisations are no longer required for people to be organised. And amateur’s are passionate about what they do.  The change, Charles Leadbeater tells us, is that they want to do it to very high standards. On one hand, this can have economic implications but it can also lead to alternative ideologies and systems. With growing social networks, the diversity of specialist areas opening up to the amateur is also expanding.
 *The Pro-Am Revolution: How enthusiasts are changing our economy and society  (2005) Charles Leadbeater/ Demos Think Tank publication…
Design a device/machine which enables an amateur to do something that an amateur has never been able to do before.
Notes on Scientific Models (from Wikipedia):
All scientific models are simplified reflections of reality, but, despite their inherent falsity, they are nevertheless extremely useful. A science model is also a way in which the human thought processes can be amplified. A simulation brings a model to life and shows how a particular object or phenomenon will behave.
STAGE ONE: Sketch & Speculate. Using lo-fi 3D modelling techniques and film.
STAGE TWO:  Make it real (convincing), to a very high level.  
– a full scale working model
– a complex material model
– a hybrid simulation, using detailed props and film.