How do we imagine future health? 
A genetic lottery predetermined by inherited switches? Medicines and treatments specifically designed around precise biological data? –  or is it about fundamental changes in our regular everyday habits and behaviours? We are living longer. But the rise of chronic diseases linked to lifestyle means we are living with persistent prolonged conditions. And with a changing demographic, sustaining health will effect every future family.
Will our health remain private? our own personal concern?  or will it become essential to a greater understanding of our collective health? locally within our immediate communities? or nationally as citizens?  Digital and biological technologies are already having an impact on how we think about health in ways we have never done before. 
So what role does the pharmacy have?  — as a distributor of our future health?
We will work with local pharmacies in Vienna, learning about ethnographic and anthropological processes. We will interrogate technological advances in future health, thinking and imagining beyond today’s existing structures and products. 
The project is part of an international student competition run by L’Oreal in Paris – Upload my Pharmacy.
Some current technological trends around health.
The Worried Well – with more access to more health data on-line who are the experts ?
The Quantified Self – how much data should we collect?
Health Communities – 23andme. – sharing and comparing.
The Human Microbiome – epigenetitics – environmental tuning for genetic switches.
Pressures & Excesses – stress, depression, drugs, sex, alcohol and food. 
The project will be in stages;
1. Future Health, Future Technologies ( biological/digital ). – initial propositions
2. People & Pharmacies – an ethnographic study with pharmacies in Vienna.
3. Design concepts focusing on one interface/interaction, one object.
4. The Place of Distribution – synthesis 
5. Film & digital compositing.
Image found by Isabel Prade