The ‘Me’ Unit

The amount of personal information to wake someone.
a device that uses your own voice to tell you your own information.
1. Imported data from the social networking sites
2. Wardrobe – Information on the clean clothes in the wardrobe collected by the measuring devices
3. Friends- Imported data about the local close friends from the Location based social networking sites and the online platform of the bed users
4. Weather & Events- Information on local events and weather
5. Flatmate – Information about the flatmates collected through the sensors on the doors
6. Breakfast – Information on the contents of the fridge collected by the measuring devices
 The bed
Embedded acoustic resonators inside the mattress -Lets the user hear with the whole body instead of ears 
Undefined weighing machines which can listen and transmit information
– It can measure anything the user chooses
– Sends data to the control surface
– Comes in a variety of sizes that fit each other.
A social networking platform for the users of the bed
– Lets the user get information from the other friends using the bed
– Allows the user to define the settings for the control surface
A bedside analog controller for the wak- ing up device
– Allows the user to control the meness levels or mute them
– Receives data from measuring devices, the bed network, social networks and the door-lock sensors at home
– No clock, the morning has 6 user defined time intervals for waking up
– Collects all the data, prepares a text, transmits it to the bed